You lie awake at night, wondering what went wrong and feeling hopeless about pretty much everything. You haven’t slept well in months, and you dread the sound of the alarm clock in the morning. It’s a struggle just to get out of bed. Facing the day feels like an impossible task, and you constantly feel irritable. There’s too much to do, and it seems like you’re juggling a million plates in the air that keep crashing all over you. You are struggling to find your joy, and life feels like a giant “To Do List” that never gets done.

And you’re tired. Tired of life being this way, tired of the racing thoughts, and tired of feeling scattered and on edge, but you don’t know how to change it. You’ve tried to fix things on your own, but it’s not working the way you want it to. You know your current state of mind is affecting your ability to show up in your relationships, work life, and maybe even parenting your children. You wonder, “How did I even get to this place?”

You dream about what it would be like to actually like yourself again, and look forward to living your best life. You imagine what it would feel like to be free of the panic attacks, have hope, and maybe even some peace. If this is you, I can help you get there. I work with adults who are feeling depressed, anxious, and stuck. Together, we’ll sort out what’s going on, make sense of it, and come up with a plan to get you out of the ditch and moving toward a life that feels worth living. Call (229) 380-0560 to find out if my services might be the right fit for you. I would love to help you get started today!

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