You wonder if life will ever feel normal again since your loved one died. You can’t believe this has happened, and you keep hoping this is just a terrible dream that you will wake up from. You’ve been thinking of all the things you wish you could tell her just one more time. Maybe you replay the event of his death in your mind like a tape over and over again.  You feel so lonely, and sometimes the people around you have good intentions, but they just don’t what to say or how to act around you now. You are absolutely heartbroken, and you aren’t sure you can keep on living like this for another minute.

You wish you could find clarity and a roadmap for navigating this “new normal” that you never wanted to sign up for in the first place. But figuring out how to pick up the pieces after your loved one’s death feels overwhelming and out of reach. You imagine sometimes what it would be like to experience even brief moments of joy again, but then you immediately feel guilty. You want to know what healing feels like, but it just seems impossible.

If you have found yourself pulled into the deep waves of grief, I can help. Together, we will remember your loved one, and all the reasons you loved this special person. I’ll partner with you through those complicated layers of grief, and we’ll figure out how you can find hope and happiness again, as impossible as it might seem right now. Call (229) 380-0560 to find out if my services might be the right fit for you. I would love to help you get started today!

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