At this point, you feel like pretty much every single thing you’re doing on a daily basis is related to getting pregnant or staying pregnant. The shots, the hormones, the pills, and maybe even appointments with a nutritionist and the acupuncturist - it’s all beginning to take its toll on you. Not to mention the constant trips to the fertility clinic, which is hours away, and requires you to keep taking time off of work. Maybe it’s also begun to cause tension with your spouse or partner, and now you’re both walking on eggshells around one another. The people closest to you often aren’t sure what to say to ease your pain, and sometimes they even say the wrong things without meaning to. You’re so tried of having to explain all of this to family and friends that just don’t get it. And now you’re feeling guilty for being jealous of your friend that just announced she’s pregnant (again!). Maybe you’re grieving yet another heartbreaking miscarriage and you’re losing hope that having a baby is going to happen for you. In short, it feels like the whole world is just crashing down on you.

If you have found yourself grieving and overwhelmed by infertility and/or pregnancy loss, I can help. Together, we’ll explore all of the complicated feelings and choices you’re dealing with right now. And I’ll be an objective sounding board for you to talk with as you sort through your options for building your family. For as long as the ride lasts, I’ll stick with you and support you while we work to clarify your needs and emotions, and find the decisions that feel right for YOU. Call (229) 380-0560 to find out if my services might be the right fit for you. I would love to help you get started today!

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